Practice Fields: LakePoint Sporting Complex

755 Georgia 293, Emerson, GA 30137

LakePoint, the premier sports vacation destination, is home to several world-class venues, and has been building on its reputation as a must-visit location for travel sports since 2013. Welcoming millions since its inception, LakePoint features scout-worthy competition across multiple scholarship-based sports. The big picture of LakePoint is a stay and play tournament hub, complete with dining, shopping, and entertainment for the ultimate sports and family experience.

LakePoint Aerial
LakePoint Sports Complex

Boasting beautiful turf fields, a state-of-the-art lighting system, and scout towers with views of every field, LakePoint has attracted media, scouts, and players from all over the country.

LakePoint Fields
LakePoint Sports Complex

Every detail from getting your team to each practice, cleaning uniforms in between games, finding a place for a team dinner or activities for the siblings who are along for the ride, has been considered and accommodated. LakePoint promises to transform the travel sports tournament into a family vacation experience like no other.

LakePoint Overview
LakePoint Sports Complex
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