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Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions that we receive concerning Bowl Week. If you have any questions that are not answered below then please call headquarters at 843-903-1888 or email info@o-d.com!

How do I register for the Bowl?
After you've received your invitation CLICK HERE! Registration for MVP Award winners will start on August 22nd. Registration for Performance Award winners will begin on August 27th. We will only guarantee first choice of position during August 22-27, after which they will be filled by availability.
How do I get invited to the Bowl?
The O-D All-American Bowl Week event is reserved for those athletes we were able to personally evaluate at an Offense-Defense football training event. For consideration in the future, you can nominate an athlete here.
What day is check-in?
check-in will be December 26th at the Host Hotel.
What day is check-out?
Check-out will be December 30th for Youth and High School. Youth players will have games on the 30th so checking out on the 31st is advised.
Can I use my hotel rewards points when booking my hotel through O-D?
You cannot use points towards your Bowl Week hotel reservation.
What's the best way for me to stay up-to-date with Bowl Week updates?
Like us on Facebook! All of our news will be posted there first and it's the easiest way for everyone to stay informed.
What is the cost of attending Bowl Week?
The registration fee is $295 for athletes staying in our hotels that have attended O-D Camp in the Summer of 2018 or $495 for athletes staying outside of our hotels and $495 for NON O-D campers staying in an O-D hotel.
How does the new Payment Plan work?
You will begin being billed on the next payment plan date closest to the type you select. Mid-Month and End-of-Month are taken out on the business day closest to the 15th and last day of the month, respectively.
When do I get my uniform?
Each individual registrant will receive their All-American jersey and pants (without pads) in their welcome package upon arrival.
Can I rent equipment at the Bowl?
Equipment Rental (helmet and shoulder pads) for the week will be available for $25 each ($45 each after December 1) and provides a measure of convenience vs. bringing your gear on a plane or in the car to travel with.
Where can I find Jersey, Helmet, and Shoulder pad sizing charts?
Please use the Riddell Fitting Guides when selecting your size.
Will transportation be provided for players to and from the practice or game fields?
Will food be provided for lunch during breaks in practice?
No, but there will be concession options available at the facility.
How many game-day tickets do we receive?
Game tickets will be needed for all O-D events at the Stadium and will be enforced. Tickets are good for all events at the Stadium. You will only need 1 ticket per person and the ticket can be used every time you enter the Stadium for an O-D event. Tickets can be purchased for $15 in advance and $20 the week of the event. Each registered player will receive 3 tickets included in their registration. The player will need 1 ticket and the other 2 tickets can be used for anyone in the player's party. Children 6-and-under will receive a free ticket. You do not need a ticket to attend practices.
How many games will I play?
Players in current grades 1-8 will play 2 games. Players in grades 9-12 will play 1 game.
How do I get my name on the back of my Jersey?
Jersey Personalization (last name on jersey) is available at $15 as a preorder or $20 on-location. The personalization will be done on-site after the jersey is picked up at registration.
Can I pick my Jersey Number?
You cannot pick your Jersey Number. Jersey Numbers will be automatically assigned and posted along with the team rosters.
Who is invited to participate in Bowl Week?
While at camp, athletes are evaluated by our coaches and if they select an athlete as an MVP at their position and age bracket, won a Performance Award, or participated in Elite Camp, they are automatically considered an Offense-Defense All-American and may participate in Bowl Week.
My camper won an award but their name is not on the roster, or is spelled wrong. Who should I contact?
Email changes@o-d.com and we'll get things updated!
When is my total balance due for Bowl Week including Hotel (if applicable)?
Your balance must be paid in full by December 1st. All roster spots and hotel reservations (if applicable) will be released after the December 1st deadline.
What is the cancellation policy for Bowl Week?
All-American Bowl player registration ($295 for athletes who attended the 2018 Summer Camp staying in our hotels, $495 for all athletes staying outside of our hotels and $495 for NON O-D campers who DID NOT participate in the 2018 Summer Camp staying in a O-D hotel) are non-refundable and non-transferable no matter the circumstances. Optional additional registration fees including jersey personalization, cancellation protection, equipment rental, and extra tickets are also non-refundable and non-transferable no matter the circumstances.
Cancellations made before December 1st are eligible to receive a refund of hotel fees paid except the cost of one night's stay in chosen hotel. Those registrants that don't have cancellation protection who cancel December 2nd or later for ANY reason are ineligible to receive a refund, credit or transfer.
Cancellation Protection: Cancellation Protection will be available for $74.95, and must be purchased within 24 hours of deposit. With cancellation protection, cancelling your Bowl Week hotel reservation prior to 72 hours before you are due to check-in, you will receive a refund of hotel fees paid minus Cancellation Protection and the cost of one night's stay in your hotel. Cancellations notices received outside of the timeline parameters noted are ineligible to receive a refund, credit or transfer of any money. If you choose to make your own hotel accommodations, cancellation protection is not needed. If you have to cancel for any reason, your registration fee of $495 is non-refundable.
All Cancellations must be emailed to cancel@o-d.com. Please include your name, your athlete's name, and reason for cancelling.